Value-driven Lifts System.

"It allows us to give our customers the best all-round product for their application. We can provide the safest, most dependable and cost effective solutions."

- Boyett P. Reyes, CEO -

About Us

Our company is your best source for value-driven elevator and lift systems. WE SUPPLY, INSTALL, MAINTAIN, and provide SERVICE to various types of lifts solution. Your need for a new elevator, an escalator perhaps, or a moving walk, for business or personal use, we can surely help materialized your requirement. We can even modernized or upgrade an existing lift system.

Over 20 years of our collective knowledge and experience gave us a unique ecosystem in providing professional services to the clients across different sectors. We have numerous non-proprietary manufacturers that all excel in one product or another and we can also work with customers that needs customization.

Lift Solutions


General elevators complete product system covers passenger elevators, freight elevators, and all series of elevators with a small machine room or without a machine room. We provide efficient reliable vertical passenger transport solutions for new and existing buildings. Understanding customers demand comprehensively and customizing solutions.

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The General Escalators series products combines the unique modern technology with the humanistic needs, with its excellent performance and flexible design to meet the needs from various customers. The prior applications of the new materials and advance manufacturing technologies provide the general escalator with more perfection, safety, ease and energy efficient.

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Moving Walk

The General moving walk series products introduce the advance pavement manufacturing technology to make an accurate analysis of urban traffic flow, building layout and passenger's demand. This series products combines practical features with visual decorative effect, perfectly integrating the technology and art together which makes the urban delivery more smoothly for the city.

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Covering over 40 countries and regions

General's marketing network provides you with consistent high quality service from planning and designing to maintenance and support throughout the project life cycles. General elevator provides perfect passenger transport solutions globaly


Glass or scenic elevator puts the cab on the outside of the building. Elevator cars allow passengers to view the cityscape or the building’s atrium as they travel. May also carry patients in Bed Elevator type.


Residential elevators are often not as complex or expensive as full commercial elevators. They may have unique design characteristics suited for home furnishings.


A service elevator is normally used by building staffs instead of other people. Sometimes, these elevators maybe used to carry goods instead of passengers. Also often used in constuction sites.

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For the past years our company has been consistenly participating in global events such as world expo. We made sure that we belong to the business world we are evolving. We see to it that we are in touch with leading vendors, and with its latest technology in lift systems. We also made sure that we visit our principal regularly to continuously strengthen our business relations, to collaborate in on-going projects and to share vision towards the future.

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